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Large Tumbled Rhodochrosite

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This unique looking semi-precious stone represents selfless love and compassion, giving you a positive attitude. Rhodochrosite is a stone for the heart and relationships, especially those who feel unloved. Attracting a soulmate, to help you learn lessons in life. 

This stone clears the solar plexus and root chakra. A stone that insists you face the truth, about yourself and others. Aids with confronting irrational fears and paranoia. Emotionally, Rhodochrosite encourages spontaneous expression, including passionate and erotic urges.

| Healing Properties | Acts as an irritant filter and relieves asthma and respiratory problems. A stone known for healing sexual abuse. Purifies the circulatory system and kidneys and restores poor eye sight, normalized blood pressure and stabilizes the heartbeat. Relieves migraines and infections.

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