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My Favourite Bath+BodyWorks Candles
     Anyone who knows me knows that I love candles. I love that candles can change the atmosphere in your home by releasing beautiful fragrances. Depending on your scent preference, your home can smell like anything you desire. In the past, I preferred gourmand scented candles.  Presently I enjoy fresh, floral,  and fruity scented candles that make my home smell like spring. Over the past four years, I have tried dozens of Bath&BodyWorks' candles. I have fallen in love with a wide range of their scents, and so I have compiled a list of my absolute favorites to help you find your perfect candle! If you want to know which Bath and Body Work's candles smell like a dream, then keep on reading!
Watermelon Lemonade
     Watermelon Lemonade is a sweet and summery candle that smells exactly like watermelon punch. It is not a scent that is overpowering or too sweet. This candle emits a refreshing fruity scent. I have been burning this one all January long. 
Notes: Watermelon Ice, Sparkling Water, Meyer Lemon
White Peach
     Peach is a scent people either love or hate. Some peach scents can smell overpowering and fake. This White peach candle smells like a fresh peach in a jar. There's nothing synthetic about this peach scented fragrance. The aroma is so refreshing and summery that I sometimes forget it's winter. This is a great pick for any peach lover.
     This rose candle smells exactly like a bouquet of pink roses bought fresh from the florist. It is a soothing smell with soft fragrance notes. When this candle is lit, it smells exactly like spring. 
Fresh Cut Lilacs 
        The scent Fresh Cut Lilacs embodies spring. Lilacs once grew in my great grandmother's garden. This candle perfectly replicates their scent. Each year I repurchase this candle, and I still enjoy it. 
Notes: Lilac Bouquets, Dewy Greens, Soft Spring Air
Endless Weekend
     Endless weekend is a beachy fragrance that reminds me of August. August provides the warmest weather for the best beach days. This candle is home to all of the sweet, savory, and fresh smells the beach has to offer. 
Notes: Fresh Summer Mandarin, Sun-Kissed Magnolia, Coconut Water
     I'm so glad Bath&BodyWorks brought this scent back. It is another fragrance that smells just like spring. 
notes: Sweet Honeysuckle Nectar, Peony Petals, Soft Creamy Vanilla
Lavender Vanilla
     Lavender Vanilla was one of my favorite scent in the spring of 2015. The scent is extremely relaxing and soft. This is the type of smell that will please everyone. 
Notes: Lavender Blossom, Creamy Vanilla, White Woods, Sugared Musk
Heres to finding a new favourite scent!
     I have so many other favorite scents by Bath&BodyWorks that are no longer sold. I will  update you if Bath&BodyWorks decides to bring back more of my old favorite scents. I hope you find a fragrance that will help you get through winter.
Have a wonderful week! 

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