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Carnelian Agate Pyramid - Gemstones&Co

Carnelian Agate Pyramid

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Carnelian grounds and anchors you in the present reality, removing the fear of death. This semi-precious stone restores vitality and motivation, and for stimulating creativity.

Carnelian has the ability to cleanse other stones. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, and motivates for success in business. A useful stone for overcoming abuse of any kind. Warms and energizes.

Full of life force and vitality. It stimulates the metabolism, influences the reproductive organs, and increases fertility.

This stone heals lower back problems, arthritis, and depression. Carnelian improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals and ensures a good supply of blood to organs and tissues.

Pyramid shaped crystals amplify and then focus energy through the apex. They can also be used to draw off negative energies and blockages from the chakras, replenishing with positive energy.