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Fluorite Necklace

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This bright coloured semi-precious stone is extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic stress. Embrace the energy of Fluorite, and flow right into those sweet dreams.

Sourced from Brazil, Fluorite is known to draw off negative energies and stress of all kinds. It increases self-confidence and dexterity. It teaches the importance of balance, in relationships and life. Its rainbow hues spiritually cleanse you and fill you with peace, joy and happiness.

Powerful healing stone, dealing with infections and disorders. Healing the skin by removing wrinkles and blemishes. Fluorite also relieves stomach issues and cramps.

Sleeping near or meditating with fluorite ensures mental clarity, and harmony between chakras.

The perfect piece. A handpicked fluorite for a colourful feel, and suspended on a durable sterling silver snake chain. 

  • 22" Sterling silver chain
  • Fluorite pendant set in sterling silver