Making A Vision Board

A vision board is a collage of images that symbolize your goals and ambitions. These boards are made each year to help you visualize your goals and keep you focused on what is most important to you. With this in mind, I took to Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr to find photos that symbolize my personal goals for 2019. In the past, I have created a black and white vision board but this year I’m all about that pop of colour. The photos I found represent my wellness and fitness goals as well as my travel and adventure goals. In this post, I will be sharing each of my 2019 ambitions and why I chose specific photos to remind me of them. Let's get to making a vision board! 

Health, Fitness, And Wellbeing

    Without our health we have nothing and thus in 2019, my health is my top priority. More specifically I have set a goal to complete one yoga practice or workout session daily. Over this past year, I have gone from a strict healthy diet and lifestyle to the total opposite. To get me back on track following this goal is very important. I am hoping to see changes in my body and muscle tone as well as my strength. I'm looking forward to not feeling like a fragile out of breath elderly lady anymore. My second goal for my wellbeing and mental health is to meditate twice daily. In the past few months, my mental health was on the decline, with the proper professional help I have started to see a positive difference. Now that I have addressed my mental health by doing therapy I want to work on it further with meditation.  I am hoping to become calmer, clear-minded, and present through my practice. My last goal in his category is to eat healthy. Over this next year, I want to start eating a paleo anti-inflammatory diet as I have in the past. Anti-inflammatory foods not only make me feel better but they also lower the inflammation in my body caused by stress and anxiety. I’m hoping that by pursuing these goals in 2019 I will be a happier, healthier and stronger version of myself by the end of the year. 

Things I Want To Do +
Places I Want To Go This Year
    This year I want to enjoy every season, especially summer. I dream of multiple beach days, picnics in fields and parks, endless swimming, and good times with friends. Swimming is one of my big goals this year, as I used to love it as a kid. Over the years I swam less often and I am hoping that this is the year that I get to enjoy it again. I want to start biking again in the summer with my boyfriend. It is something we used to do when we were younger and I want to experience it again. I hope to spend most days at the beach in Wasaga or at the beaches on the Toronto islands. I would like to take more polaroid photographs and visit more places around Toronto. I want to fully enjoy this year no matter what. 

      For quite a long time I have wanted to travel. The places that are at the top of my list are California, Paris, New York, London, Arizona, and Harry Potter World in Orlando, FL. I would like to experience traveling this year even if I am only able to start the planning part of the trip. I am more than happy to also enjoy trips within Ontario that hopefully involve fun road trips, summer nights, and lots of swimming. I ‘m itching to go to a summer concert this year and fingers crossed this wish comes true. It would be even better if it were the queen, Lana Del Rey that I got to go see in concert. In conclusion, my goal is to enjoy this year in all the little ways I’ve dreamed of. 

My Finished Vision Board

What I used

  • 16 x 20 in canvas from Dollarama
  • Scotch tape
  • siccors
  • Pintrest images
  • Instagram Images
  • Tumblr images
     Not all the images I first chose made it to the final cut of my vision board. To narrow down the selection of images I printed I placed my canvas on the floor along with all my photos and started moving the photos into a collage until I found a layout that I liked. The placement of my images is not as random as it may seem. In the top right corner of my canvas, I placed all my health and fitness photos. Toward the bottom right of the canvas, I featured healthy food photography and images that symbolize my ambitions like riding my bike again this summer and taking more polaroid photos. In the bottom left corner of the canvas, I chose to include photos of my hopes and dreams for summer like fun times with friends, beaching and swimming. Lastly, in the top left corner of the vision board, there are photos that display my yearn to travel. If you decide to create your own vision board you can certainly go for the random technique, I just personally found it easier to have a rhyme and rhythm to my board.


     I hope you enjoyed reading about my goals for 2019. Maybe this post will inspire you to make your own vision board to better establish your own goals and ambitions. If you love this idea and you chose to create your own vision board in physical form as I have or via Pinterest please dm me as I love seeing other peoples work! I'm super excited for this year and all the positivity I know is coming. Happy creating to you and may your year be full of productivity and positive vibes. 

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