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Spring has finally arrived! The people of Toronto and the GTA have braved a harsh winter this year.  It's safe to say that we are all ready for spring. Now that the sweet season is here its time to make the most out of it.  My list of activities will give you plenty to do this spring season. There is something for everyone in every price range. Here's to enjoying the season! Now get out there!
Her Majesties Pleasure
556 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1M3, Canada

Luxury and class are what Her Majestys Pleasure provides. Inside the salon is a modern oasis with style and comfort. Sit at their bar for a mani or lounge in their big beach chairs for a pedi. Top it off with a cocktail or a bottle of champagne for you and your friends. Her Majestys Pleasure is sure to make you feel like royalty.

I visited Her Majesty's Pleasure in February for a Shellac mani. I checked in and chose my color. I was then offered their lemon strawberry infused water and lead to the bar where I got my manicure done. My nail tech was very kind and helped me into my seat. She did an excellent job, and it was a pleasure to chat with her. I highly recommend visiting for a pamper session!

Cherry Blossoms High Park
1873 Bloor St W, Toronto ON.
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Free admission

High Park is known for the best Cherry Blossoms in Toronto. Each spring the cherry blossom festival is held within the park. Thousands of people flock to see the petal pink trees bloom.  It is the perfect place for a photo shoot and an even better place for a stroll.

Last spring I had the pleasure of seeing the cherry blossoms. I, unfortunately, went on a cloudy day and had I visited on a sunny day I am sure it would have been even more enjoyable. The walk from the subway to the park was a little long, so wear your walking shoes!

The Toronto Islands
Centre Island Beach
Open fields
$8 round trip Fairy cost 

The Toronto Islands are where I am planning to spend my spring and summer. A fairy ride featuring breathtaking views of the city is all that it takes to get to the island. The island has countless trails, beaches, and a small amusement park too. There are a few places for food and drinks, but that can get quite pricey. My recommendation is to have a spring picnic on the island. Pack drinks, sandwiches, and some fruit, and head on over to Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to purchase your tickets. When you arrive, follow the walkway south to the gardens and open field. Don't forget your picnic blanket and a good book! 

Sorelle & Co
161 Yorkville Avenue, 
Toronto ON.

Sorelle & Co has been a love of mine for years. It all started when I switched to a gluten free diet. Lucky for me Sorelle is free from gluten, soy dairy, eggs, and much more. Their food id delicious and utterly stunning. Their menu offers coffee, tea, cakes, pastries, and lunch items. To top it off their cafe is picture perfect. Large vases of flowers, crown molding, and intricate details resemble a royal tea room.

Allen Gardens
160 Gerrard St E, 
Toronto, ON.
Free admission 
Allen gardens is a series of large greenhouses that are home to a wide range of plant species. Inside the humidity and heat controlled greenhouses you may forget you're in Canada. Whether you are a plant lover, photography enthusiast, or you are looking for something to do, Allen gardens is a fun experience. I would describe it as a large plant museum with long winding paths inside the greenhouses. I highly recommend you visit here this spring as it is also 100% free to do so! 


  I am sure this list gave you a fair few  activities to do this spring in Toronto. If you have the time, try to visit each of these places and be sure to let me know if you enjoyed your experience.  


                     Happy spring!

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