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Pink Agate Pendant

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Harmonizes yin and yang, the positives and negative forces life throws at you. Being a grounding stone, it brings emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. A soothing and calming stone, Agate works to bring great strength. It is known to gently facilitate acceptance of one's self, which build self-confidence.

Said to enhance mental function as they improve concentration, perception, and leading to practical solutions. Agate's love of truthfulness encourages speaking one's own truth. Eliminating and transforming negative energies, it cleanses your physical and emotional state. It heals the eyes, stomach, and uterus. Cleanses the pancreas and strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders.

P I N K  A G A T E

Not only represents family but it also promotes self love. Opening up your heart chakra, giving you the ability to emotionally open up. It is also known to promote love between parent and child.