Snowflake Necklace

Snowflake Necklace

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D R U Z Y  C R Y S T A L

It is the pre-crystallization of quartz. Boosting your creative mind and inducing relaxation. Steer clear of your emotions and let this stone relax your mind. Awakens positive self-love because love is a universal healer, giving balance in life. 

C R Y S T A L  Q U A R T Z

Magic energy. Lightens, brightens and powers up your life. Excellent for creative minds that seek inspiration and clarity. A stone of healing and purity. Amplify your positive energy. Channels and intensifies energy of nearby crystals. When you need to manifest your intentions, Quartz is there to help you attain your goals and live the life you dream of. 

A G A T E 

A stone that harmonizes yin and yang, the positives and negative forces life throws at you. Heals inner anger and insecurities to bring emotional, physical, and intellectual balance while grounding your emotions to reality. Helps with concentration and mental strength. Helps you feel protected when you are going through hard times and feel vulnerable. A symbol of luck, love, truth and courage.

The perfect unique piece to rock with any outfits. A handpicked druzy quartz, for maximum sparkle, and suspended on a durable sterling silver chain. 

  • 16” Sterling silver snake chain
  • Druzy Quartz pendant set in silver

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