Positivity Necklace

Positivity Necklace

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A G A T E  (top pendant)

Spread positivity and be there for others, reminding you to keep a positive mindset. Heals inner anger and insecurities to bring emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. A symbol of luck and courage. Helps with concentration and grounding.

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R H O D O C H R O S I T E (bottom pendant)

Let the love beam from your positive energy. Keeping your mood uplifted, this is a stone for the heart. Don't be afraid of the truth, confront your fears and let your expressions be free. 

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The most unique piece. A handpicked lovers stone for maximum positivity, suspended on a durable sterling silver chain. 

  • 18" Sterling silver chain
  • Agate+Rhodochrosite pendant set in sterling silver