Social Media (AKA - social suicide)

Why has it been so long since your last post? 

That is the number one question not only people ask me but I always ask myself. 

Why don't you post? Why don't you make reels? Why aren't you engaged as much anymore? Why don't you have much content? Why can't you have more girls on your page, or why can’t you have more guys?

There are so many questions that I wish I can have answers to but unfortunately, I do not.

Sometimes, I wonder why we have social media at all.. Society has made making a business look so easy. If you have money, you can make anything pop. But for people like me, who didn’t come from money, but instead come from hard working parents, and a hard working life to get to where I am today.. social media has ruined that.

Social media allows you to flaunt what you have or pretend to have.

I knew what a business was like prior to any social media. It was by meeting people, being social, word of mouth.. but now, all people look at is who is wearing your jewelry.. is she/he hot or is she showing her tits and ass, or is does he have abs .. that is what our society is teaching businesses now.

I’m not saying everyone thinks the way I do, but I do feel as though this isn’t shared as much as it should be.

Women tend to focus mainly on body image and how you should be happy with the way you look, however, being a woman myself, I don’t care so much about that. I care more about how society is allowing social media influence how businesses should run, even if they don’t agree with having provocative images and demeaning women and men just because they want to sell their products - whatever it may be.

You may agree to disagree, which is fine.

You may not want to buy from my business because of this, but I feel this is not spoken enough.

Talking about how you should love yourself and how you shouldn’t compare yourself to other influencers or models out there is getting old.

What should now be shed to light is how hard it is for small businesses to keep up with the rich, to keep up with the people who don’t care to flaunt themselves on social media in order to make sales.

How some people don’t want their content all about tis and ass but about their genuine talent and products.

That is why we have rebranded to make our company FACELESS.

No one needs to know who you are, no one needs to know how you look. It is about what we sell here at Gemstone&Co not who is wearing it.

I can go on and on about this for days because as mentioned previously, no one talks about the hardships of the influence society has on social media with regard to businesses.

I look in the mirror every day and I don’t like what I see .. why is that? Is it because of social media .. ABSOLUTELY .. but is it also because society has made it easy to blame social media for how I feel .. HELL YES.


What about all the businesses who lost all motivation to continue their business because of this? Because of the rich, the fancy, and the fact that content now has to be sexualized in order to sell.

Again, you may NOT agree, which is fine, as it is freedom of speech and we all have our own opinions.

But this is an opinion that not many speak up about and that is what the issue is.

We, as a society, have caused more of an issue (harm) than help.

You can keep up with helping the feminists out there, but what feminists stand for is being equal to men.

To be able to walk around shirtless, to be able to sleep with whomever, whenever, however... As per the word of a comedian - they want to become the one thing they hate the most .. men.

There comes a point where talking about the same things only goes in circles. So why not TRY and talk about something else for a change?

WE ALL KNOW THAT SOCIAL MEDIA IS A HUGE problem in life. BUT there is more than one reason why it is a HUGE PROBLEM.

And hopefully, this sheds some light on that.

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